RCC Compound Walls

We are engaged in manufacturing and supplying a comprehensive range of RCC Compound Wall. We offer these in various specifications as per the client's requirements. The RCC compound walls are highly reliable in nature and have sturdy constructions. In addition to this, these are easy to install and can also be customized as per the clients need.
Compound Wall arwFine finish
arwCost effective
arwPrecast concrete boundary walls
arwQuality approved
arwHigh impact resistance
arwResistant to weather
Compiression between RCC & Brick Wall:
1 Construction 
100 Meter Wall Requires at Least 15 Days To Construct and another 15 days for Water Curing 100 Meter wall can be Constructed in Few Days. PSPC BW 
save Precious 
Construction time
2 Strength The Weakest Part Of This Wall Is Its 150mm Thick Bricks Masonry Which Can Be Easily Broken By Ordinary 
Hand Tolls For Theft.
PSPC panels consist of high tensile wire at every 75mm distance and can cut only by
mechanical means
PSPC BW providers more better security for campus
3 Durability Less as its depends on the quality of 
plaster and that depends upon several factors like plaster, its thickness, quality of sand quality of curing workmanship etc…..
Very high as PSPC panels are
made of void less dense high 
grade concrete and has smooth 
concrete surface
has almost NIL 
maintenance cost
4 Repair ability In case of overturning failure a large
Section of BW may damage and Require almost new construction as Repair and require several Weeks time to repair
In case of failure only few columns may get damaged and 
require to be replaced almost 
all the panels can be reused in 
repair negligible time
PSPC BW has 
almost NIL repair
Cost and fats 
Work Ability
5 Paint Painting is must as plastered surface 
is susceptible to weather decay
Painting is optional and can only 
for decorative purpose
PSPC BW saves 
Painting cost.
6 Re-Use Cannot be re used as entire 
Construction is of permanent type
Almost 100% panels and 60% 
Columns can be reused
PSPC BE save 
Lots of Money
7 Weathering effect As plaster surface adsorbs moisture,
Resulting cracks and peels off. It requires periodically re plaster the boundary wall.
There is almost nil Moisture 
absorption as Panel surface are
Made of dense Concrete and 
Requires no Maintenance.
PSPC BW has 
almost nil 
maintenance Cost.
8 Cleaning Moisture Absorbed in plastered sur-
face attracts dust ,fungus, algid, plants etc, require periodically cleaning and re-painting
No special cleaning required 
only washing can make your 
BW new again.
PSPC BW save 
Cleaning cost

Benefits of Using Ready Made Compound Wall

arw Cost-effective
arw Fastest Installation
arw Re-Install able
arw Economical Compared to Conventional Products
arw No more labour needed
arw Easily erected
arw Less Space is Required.
arw Plastering not required
arw We can shift the wall easily from one place to another
arw More essential than bricks wall
arw Space saving – JUST 2" thick – Equally Strong.
Compound Wall